Ratanakar Bank RBL IPO Allotment Status – Check here

If you have applied for RBL IPO and willing to know about your RaRBL IPO Allotment Statustnakar Bank RBL Bank IPO allotment status. Please check here the link and other relevant details of RBL Bank IPO allotment status mentioned for your reference. You can mention your PAN number to check the allotment details. You can check below the basis of allotment of shares for RBL IPO under the headlines of ‘Basis of allotment’ document.

Note:- The responsibility of RBL Bank IPO allotment lies with the appointed Registrar of the company. Registrar of the company is accountable for the allotment of shares and processing of refund too. Therefore, in case of any issues, the Registrar is the right person or entity to resolve queries related to stock allocation or refund.

Important dates for RBL Bank IPO Allotment Status

  • The Allotment date for RBL Bank Ipo issue is expected to be Aug 26, 2016.
  • The amount will get unblocked on Aug 29, 2016.
  • The Shares are expected to credited in DP accounts on Aug 30, 2016.
  • The Shares of Ratnakar Bank (RBL) are likely to be listed August 31, 2016 on both BSE and NSE.

RBL Bank ipo allotment status

Subscription Details for RBL Bank IPO

Figs in No. of Times

Shares Offered / Reserved 19-Aug-16 22-Aug-16 23-Aug-16
QIB 10,864,515              0.67              4.28            85.08
NII 8,111,221              0.20              1.08           198.06
RII 18,926,183              0.86              3.26              5.70
Total 37,901,919              0.66              3.08            69.62

Important points for Allotment of RBL IPO or Ratnakar Bank IPO

Here are some of the important points about IPO allotment process including allotment of RBL IPO shares, basis of Allotment, process of checking allotment status and refund in case of no allotment etc.

Allotment of the IPO by Registrar

Registrar does the allotment of the IPO. Registrar is appointed by the company to manage all the registration related process i.e. Allotment of shares and refund processing. In this case, Link Intime India Private Limited is the Registrar of the RBL IPO.

Basis of IPO Allotment

The Registrar of the company allocates the stocks after enquiring most of the factors like extent of the issue subscribed, number of employees of the company applied for the IPO, required allotments to QIB as per the rules etc. Thereafter, the Registrar is responsible to initiate the basis of the allotment within the time period of two weeks of the issue close date.

Normally, allocation criteria of the segments is decided as QIB – 50%  HNI-15% and Retail- less than 35% of the Net issue.

Documents required to check the RBL IPO Allotment Status

  • Mentioning your PAN Number details or
  • Your Application Form Number or
  • Your DP Clinet Id

Process for Checking RBL IPO Allotment Status

Ratnakar Bank IPO allotment status would be available soon after the IPO closure date. Usually the allotment comes within a week from the closing date.

One can check the allotment on the below given link with PAN number or Application number or DP Client Id. All you need to do is to follow these steps

  1. Click on the given link See Allotment Status here
  2. Go to Application status
  3. Select IPO as Ratnakar Bank IPO
  4. Enter you PAN Number or Application Id or DP Client Id

Usually, It takes little time to fetch information so you need to be little patient.

Credit to Demat Account after Allotment

Usually, The shares allotted to you will be placed in your Demat Account within two business days.

Wish to sell them on first day of the listing

The procedures of Shares listing in stock market is done after completing all the allotment procedures with the investors account receive the shares in their respective demat accounts. If your Demat account is active, you will directly get your allotted shares in your account to trade in the secondary market. So most likely you will not loose opportunity and will be able to sell on the very first day.

Shares not credited to Demat Account

In case the shares are not credited to your Demat Account before listing date, you need to contact your registrar immediately with a copy of your Dp Client Master. This will enable Registrar to upload your allotted shares in your demat account. You can send fax/scanned image of your documents. It is important to check before that your demat account must be active.

Refund in case of Non -Allotment or Partial Allotment

You will get physical refund order to your postal address or through ECS. It depends which mode have been selected with your broker at the time of filling form of your IPO request. It is the responsibility of the Registrar to dispatch or initiate the refund order /ECS transfer within 12 working days of issue close date at your postal address or in your account.

Refund via ECS

You will receive the refund in your account updated with your Depository participant. Incase of ASBA, the blockage will be released for the non allotted amount.

Contact details of Registrar

Link Intime India Private Limited

C-13, Pannalal Silk Mills Compound, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup (West), Mumbai – 400 078 Maharashtra, India

Telephone: +91 22 6171 5400    Facsimile: +91 22 2596 0329

E-mail: Investor Grievance ID: rbl.ipo@linkintime.co.in

Website: www.linkintime.co.in

Contact Person: Sachin Achar

SEBI Registration No.: INR000004058

Registered Office Details of Ratnakar Bank

1st Lane, Shahupuri, Kolhapur – 416 001, Maharashtra, India;

Telephone: +91 231 6650 214;   Facsimile: +91 231 2657 386

Corporate Office: One Indiabulls Centre, Tower 2B, 6th Floor, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W),

Mumbai – 400 013, Maharashtra, India

Contact Person: Mr. Vinay Tripathi, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer in relation to the Issue;

Telephone: +91 22 4302 0600;   Facsimile: +91 22 4302 0520

E-mail: ipo@rblbank.com;

Website: www.rblbank.com

CIN: U65191PN1943PLC007308

Start trading in the new shares

You may start trading in your shares from the first listing day provided the shares are already credited in your Demat Account. Off market trading is not allowed and considered to be illegal.

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