Goods & Service TAX (GST)-Important points to know

GST or Goods and Service Tax is the One Indirect Tax for the entire India. This is helpful is removing the difference of prices due to varied taxes across different states. It took almost 13 years of wait and debate to finally start the implementation of the same. In this article, we have tried to[…]

Way of Making Money From Securities Lendin-Borrowing

There is a vast majority of traders who buy stocks for a long period of time in anticipation of gaining through appreciation in the price of the securities. But are these stocks meant only for capital appreciation and fetching you dividends every year? Is there any way through which the securities lying idle in your[…]

Concept of Dividend Stripping and its Tax Implications

Do you know the concept of dividend stripping? Many people follow the practice of selling the security/ unit immediately after the record date. When a dividend is declared and received before the record date and the associated security is sold after the record date then the practice is known as dividend stripping. If you look[…]

How Share Prices gets Affected due to Corporate Actions

When you buy equity shares in a company, you become owner of the company to that extent. It really does not matter how small your share is but you become the owner for the percentage of shares you now hold in the company. If you look at the definition of equity shares, then it will[…]

How to Use P/E While Investing in Stocks

Price-earning ratio or P/E ratio is a very common tool often used by investors while taking investment decisions. The ratio of market price to earnings per share is known as P/E ratio. For example, if the market price of a company’s share is Rs. 100 and the company’s earning per share (EPS) is Rs. 2,[…]

How To Use Pre-Open Session in Indian Stock Exchanges

While watching business news channels, many of us have observed that on market days, in the morning from 9 am to 9:15 am there is a pre-open session for NSE and BSE. Do you know that there is any relevance of this session? Are you aware that during this period, what kind of orders are[…]

The Simplified Version of Trading – India VIX

Have you ever heard of VIX? Do you understand the various things related to VIX? Never mind, don’t lose your heart if the answer to any of the above questions is negative. VIX is basically a trademark of Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). The first exchange in the world to have volatility index way back[…]

Learn the Basics of Option Shorting / Writing

I often come across people who enquire on the basics of shorting or writing. This article is dedicated to all those inquisitive people who want to know about option shorting or writing. Option writing/ shorting is basically the act of selling either calls or puts with a hope that the value will go to zero[…]

Pick Your Mid Cap Equities With Right Strategy

When the returns from a mid cap and large cap equities are same, then it makes no sense to invest in mid cap equities. The mid cap equities are considered more risky than the large cap equities because of various underlying reasons. However, the fact is that when the market is in revival stage, many[…]

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