Trade Smart Online vs Kotak Securities – Point by Point Comparison

To choose the right firm to manage the online share trade, it is important to look at some things that are important and matter in the functioning of the functioning of the account. To distinguish between Trade Smart Online and Kotak Securities, one may first have a look at the type of firms. Trade Smart online is a discount broker whereas Kotak Securities is a full service broker.

Now coming on to the other very important factor of differentiation, that is, the brokerage charges one may find that Trade Smart Online charges Rs. 15 for every trade whereas Kotak Securities charge 0.49% for every trade or Rs. 21 per executed trade. Focusing on other very important part of differentiation is the amount of facilities each firm provides. One may see that both the firms provide an access to mobiles for managing the account which can help you in managing your transaction from anywhere and at any time.

Now coming on to the trading platform, Trade Smart Online works on NEST whereas Kotak Securities has no such trading platform. While choosing the right firm for getting your transactions managed, one must have a look at some essential points of differences and similarities to get to an appropriate decision.

Trade Smart Online Kotak Securities Ltd
Basic Information Type of Broker Discount Broker Full Service Broker
Fees for Opening Trading Account Rs. 200 Rs. 750
Annual Maintenance Charges of Trading Account Nil Nil
Fees for Opening Demat Account Rs. 200 Nil
Annual Maintenance Charges of Demat Account Rs. 300 Rs. 600
Brokerage Charges Equity Delivery Charges Rs. 15 0.49%
Equity Intraday Charges Rs. 15 0.05%
Equity Future Charges Rs. 15 0.05%
Equity Options Charges Rs. 15 Rs. 100
Currency Futures Charges Rs. 15 NA
Currency Options Charges Rs. 15 NA
Commodity Charges Rs. 15 0.07%
Minimum Brokerage Charges Rs. 15 Rs. 21 per executed order
Transaction Charges Equity Delivery 0.00% 0.10%
Equity Intraday 0.00% 0.025% on selling ledger
Equity Futures 0.00% 0.01%
Equity Options 0.0715% on Premium 0.02%
Currency Futures 0.00% 0.01%
Currency Options 0.0600% on Premium 0.02%
Commodity 0.00% 0.00%
Features 3-in-1 Account N Y
Mobile Trading Y Y
Acceptance of Orders After Trading Hours Y Y
SMS Alerts N Y
Online Demo Y Y
Online Portfolio N Y
Trading Platform NEST, NOW NA
Investment Services Stock/ Equity Y Y
Commodity Y Y
Currency Y Y
IPO (Initial Public Offers) N Y
Mutual Funds Y Y
Debt N N
Bond/ NCD Y Y
Customer Support 24/7 Customer Support N N
Email Y Y
Phone Y Y
Online Live Chat Y Y
Branch Support N Y
Reports Daily  Market Report N Y
Quarterly Analysis of Results N NA

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