About Us

MyShareBazaar.com is an initiative taken by Elite Wealth Advisors Ltd to promote online investments into equity. Its purpose is to spread knowledge about the wide domain of Equity Markets and make it easier for novice investors to embark their journey into the field of Investments. Over the years, all of us have saved and invested to the best our knowledge and capacity. MyShareBazaar seeks to expand the readers’ knowledge about the equity markets, make it more accessible to the lay-man, and introduce them to newer methods of participating in the markets

This site contains various articles, videos and other information relevant for Indian Equity and Commodity Traders. . It seeks to drive home the point that the capital markets offer an opportunity to all investors to sustainably build their wealth.

About Elite Wealth Advisors Ltd

Through the years, Elite Wealth Advisors Ltd has developed itself into a Financial Planning and Wealth Management Company. Mr. Ravider Prakash Seth, the founder started the journey of Elite in 1991. Today he is the Chairman of a strong and visionary leadership team, & experienced wealth managers & financial planners at the forefront of the organization.

Elite Wealth Advisors Ltd. offers a wide spectrum of services that include Wealth Management, Discretionary Portfolio Management and Financial Planning.

Core Purpose

Elite Wealth’s ardent endeavor is to offer its esteemed customers quality investment services based on meticulously researched investment strategies to add value to their money.

Elite Wealth’s mission is to pursue long-term relations with its customers by offering competitive business terms, latest technology based infrastructure and well researched information to enhance their investment decision making.

Elite Wealth is committed to offer expertise to its clients in managing their portfolio with the aim of bringing returns on their investment.

Core Values

  • Trust & Integrity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Focus
  • Respect
  • Behaviors aligned to Core Values — “We Will” Expectations
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